Our Vision

The three primary pillars upon which Digital Transformation is built – Compute, Network and Power, are collectively enabling Digital Transformation and shaping a sustainable world for future generations.

Working with the world’s foremost Thought Leaders, Consultants and Vendors across every aspect of Digital Infrastructure – the Digital Infra Network is designed for the user to understand where they are on their journey towards zero carbon.

Sharing Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Thinking via interviews and presentations from leading operators, consultants and solution providers: We cover multiple topics across the year, providing ongoing access to information, advice and ideas to assist you in fully understanding the Digital Infrastructure Energy Transition and what is required to enable Sustainable Digital Transformation.

Our content focuses on several key areas:

  • Smart, Clean Energy: Generation, Transmission, Smart-Grid Distribution, Clean Power Purchasing, Virtual Power Plants, On-Site/Near-Site Clean Power Generation, Micro-grids and Blockchain, Demand Response Management, RECs and Carbon Credit Markets.
  • Telecom Networks: High-Speed/Low-Latency for Long-Distance and Short-Haul metro Fiber, 5G Mobile and Wireless, IoT Edge.
  • Data Center Facilities Infrastructure: Power and Cooling of Infrastructure from the New IoT Edge to the Multi-tenant Colo to Hyperscale Cloud.
  • IT, Network Hardware Infrastructure Performance: Software-defined, AI-enabled real-time analytics, ML-driven autonomous operations management.
  • IT and Facilities Infrastructure Life-Cycle: Managing towards the Circular Economy, for the full, holistic infrastructure “chip to chiller”.
  • Industry Self-Governance, the UN SDGs 2030: Aligning with, Measuring and Reporting Performance on fulfilment of the Zero Carbon 2030 Mandate.
  • Design/Construction and Supply Chain: How current methodologies are evolving to meet the sustainability challenge.
  • Outsourcing: How clean is your cloud ? Who is leading the charge in designing, building and operating highly efficient, sustainable Digital Infrastructure and do Operators Sustainability goals align with those of the End User?

Typical job titles of those attending the Summits are CEO, CFO, COO, and Heads/Directors of:

  • Site selection
  • Energy management
  • Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Engineering/Power & Cooling
  • Water use efficiency
  • Renewable energy (DERs)
  • Microgrids/energy storage
  • Operational performance & efficiency
  • Edge & data center
  • Network & Interconnects
  • Digital infrastructure Investment
  • Design & Construction
  • Artificial intelligence/Blockchain

Our Commitment

Digital Infrastructure Partners are committed to connecting high-level influencers and decision makers who design, build, own and operate all forms of digital infrastructure with service and solution providers who have the technology and know how to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

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Our Team

Philip Brooks

Managing Director

Phillip is responsible for the day to day running of Digital Infrastructure Partners. Prior to founding the company, he has spent the last 21 years working in and around Digital Infrastructure delivering commercially valuable experiences for his clients. He built and ran his own heating and mechanical services business before joining the founders of DatacenterDynamics (DCD) at the inception of the company in 1998. He was the publisher of Building Data Centres Europe, the first directory and educational handbook for the industry and has worked across conferences, events, media, research and training on a global basis. During his time with DCD, he built and expanded strong relationships with major vendors operating in this sector.

Appointed as Client Services Director in 2015 and Strategic Account Director in 2017 Philip has been responsible for providing a great experience for his customers at events for the last 17 years.

Steve Foley

Founding Director

Having worked in and around the industry for the past 14 years, Steve has worked globally with many OEM’s, Service/Solution providers and energy providers, developing strategic marketing channels to propagate thought leadership throughout the global enterprise and service provider data center industry.

The mission now is to provide a new platform to promote more energy “conscious” content and solutions, empowering our industry to combat the increasing effects it has on climate change and understanding what needs to be done to manage the implications those effects will have on existing infrastructure.

Dan Scarbrough

Founding Director

A highly experienced entrepreneur with Strong professional skilled in Business Planning, Operations Management, Event Management, Real-estate Development, Sales and Marketing.

The Co-Founder of Datacenter Dynamics, Dan founded DCD in 1998 and remained the acting CEO, until 2013. Under his leadership, the company became globally recognised as a leading voice of the data centre industry and during Dan’s leadership was holding 47 conferences in 37 countries, operating a thriving publishing, training and research business through 13 overseas and a staff base of 150. Having worked in the data centre and cloud infrastructure industry since its inception, Dan has an intricate understanding of this rapidly developing sector.

After stepping down from DCD in 2014, Dan created RockScar as a holding company to capitalise on the industry understanding and global network that he had built over the last twenty years. RockScar has worked with multiple organisations involved in the entire life cycle of Digital Infrastructure in various regions globally.

Through his variety of engagement’s Dan has worked extensively in both residential and commercial real-estate, and cloud and data centre technology. He understands the end to end development process and the challenges of delivering and operating complex digital infrastructure projects in multiple international locations.

He is currently working on his next media and events project with the launch of Digital Infrastructure Partners a group of like-minded individuals focused on moving the global market towards sustainable digital infrastructure. Dan is also working with Salute Mission Critical to help them grow and develop their business in Europe. Salute Mission Critical specialises in both project work and operating mission critical infrastructure using a veterans work force.