Digital Infra Network

Designing, building and operating Datacenters to cope with New AI workloads

Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

21 Feb 2024


07:30am - 08:50am

Registration Open, Coffee and Networking


Welcome and Introduction to the Day from Digital Infra Network

Opening Address giving an over of the region, the data center landscape and its desire to become a digital hub and home of the metaverse


Investment and Market analysis

United Arab Emirates data center market size was valued at USD 1.25 Billion in 2022 And is expected to reach USD 1.91 Billion By 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.34% during the forecast period. Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s tech ecosystem, has started a $2 billion initiative to back Web3 and blockchain technology startups in the region. It is vital this growth is managed, designed and built on the right infrastructure to support the regions digital transformation ambitions.


Liquid is cool - Coping with Higher Rack Densities that AI will bring

Cooling high density data center workloads. This session covers liquid solutions available to cool your load, from single phase to 2 phase, direct to chip and full immersion, no one size fits all and a hybrid approach is required.


Modular and Edge Solutions: Flexibility and Efficiency

Modularity – Scalability, reduced latency, and efficient resource allocation. With the onset of generative Ai, blockchain and web3, will data centers scale in a “Modular” way with scaleable power and liquid cooling integrated?


Partner Session / Case Study


Coffee Break & Networking


How datacenters are driving the Energy Transition.

This session delves into the energy transition and how datacenters are driving the demands for net new renewable energy.


Partner Session / Case Study


Ai ready Network Infrastructure.

Future proofing datacenters to ensure they are ready for the wave of growth generative Ai, blockchain and web 3 will bring. Data Center Interconnect and network infrastructure are key topics for discussion.


Lunch Break & Networking


Powering the Cloud

Back up power, UPS, Energy Storage, critical power monitoring, we look at what powers the cloud, how to manage energy, increase operational performance and keep the cloud running


How can Ai and Software improve operational performance?

From DCIM to predictive maintenance, fault detection, digital twins. We explore the role Ai and software can play in improving operational performance and reducing energy


Partner Session / Case Study


Coffee Break & Networking


The road to Zero - Sustainable data centers - a myth or reality?

A Panel of Operators exploring what sustainability means to them, what they are doing to reduce energy, conserve water and limit the impact they have on the environment.


Designing and Building the next generation of data centers to cope with new workloads

What is changing, Why? What will next generation facilities look like? – we find out from a Panel of leading design construction firms who are building the cloud


Partner Case Study


Closing Panel

What next for the UAE, where is the investment heading, how ready is the region to support the next phase of growth and what are the key challenges the region faces.


Closing Remarks and Thank You from Digital Infra Network

17:15pm - 19:00pm

Evening Drinks Reception - Unwind and Network to discuss the days findings