Sustainability and affordable electricity offers competitive advantage for the Nordic region

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Real estate developer, Hyperco, is investing €200 million in existing and new data centres initially in Finland and later in the Nordic region. The plan is that within five years, they aim to grow their data center portfolio to more than €1 billion. Focusing on the Nordic countries will offer its customers that include international technology companies the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their operations and benefit from reliable and renewable access to electricity.

Hyperco’s operating model is to develop and own next generation data centres in the Nordics together with its customers. Hyperco seeks to work together with reliable long-term tenants, who share their ambition of developing more sustainable digital infrastructure.

One of the crucial attractions of the Nordic region is that energy is affordable. “The region’s cool climate combined with reliable electricity grid and availability of renewable energy provides the best foundation to develop sustainable data centres and our digital society,” Aleksi Taipale, one of Hyperco’s three founders, said.

The company was founded to serve the strong demand from both investors and customers for sustainable and environmentally friendly data centres. Hyperco wants to ensure that societies of the future and their digital infrastructure are developed and managed both long-term and responsibly.

“Modern data centres, which consume huge amounts of electricity, should run on renewable energy and the waste heat generated in data centres should be recovered, as it can be used to replace fossil fuels such as burning coal in heating our cities,” Taipale concluded.