Collaboration hastens sustainable future with improved access to technology and information

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Two organisations driving the sustainable digital future infrastructure are joining forces to increase their influence and make crucial knowledge more accessible through innovative software and tools. Green IT Amsterdam and Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) will work together to make the knowledge and technology they develop commercially available to the market as quickly as possible.

Together they want to initiate or join innovation projects focused on sustainability. The collaboration will include creating start-ups that develop and sell software, cloud services, and other tools used by data centres and other sector stakeholders green their digital infrastructure.

“Never before has the digital infrastructure in the Netherlands been more important than in these times of COVID-19,” Anwar Osseyran, founder of Green IT Amsterdam, said. “Right now, the economy and the social life of many people are utterly dependent on data centres and networks. The Dutch digital infrastructure is of excellent quality and supports our country 24/7 – even during this pandemic. 

“Nevertheless, we should not forget the impact on the environment. The energy consumption of this infrastructure is substantial. Through our cooperation with SDIA, we want to make better use of the knowledge we have developed to further reduce the environmental impact of data centres and network infrastructures, without compromising performance, availability or innovation opportunities.”

European reach, local impact

Green IT Amsterdam has played a significant role in developing knowledge to make the digital infrastructure of the Netherlands more sustainable. The SDIA was launched in Germany in 2019 and is also very much focused on opportunities to further green the digital infrastructure.

“Our focus is not only on Germany but also on other countries within the EU,” Max Schulze, executive chairman of SDIA, said. “We want to join forces with organisations like Green IT Amsterdam to actively work together on developing knowledge, technology and tools that benefit the digital infrastructure of all member states of the EU. We call this: European Reach, Local Impact.”

Setting up a partnership in the Netherlands was high on SDIA’s wish list. “For obvious reasons, I would say,” Schulze added. “The Dutch digital infrastructure – data centres, networks and ICT knowledge – is highly regarded worldwide. That means the Netherlands is perfectly positioned to play the role of a pilot country in the field of sustainability within digital Europe.”

Developing knowledge and technology

One of the main goals of the collaboration is to actively develop knowledge and technology in products and tools that will be made commercially available. The partnership between both parties means that SDIA employees will have a seat on Green IT Amsterdam’s board. At the same time, Green IT Amsterdam employees will play a significant role in the further development of SDIA.

“I am happy to see Green IT Amsterdam join us as our first Local Innovation Lab,” Schulze continued. “Executing our strategy of a global vision with local impact is essential to us, and this is the first step. Green IT Amsterdam has been part of some of the most ground-breaking research projects in Europe. We are incredibly excited about commercialising them locally, with the Dutch digital infrastructure community.

“The City of Amsterdam and the Dutch digital infrastructure sector are open to innovation and change, and with Green IT Amsterdam, we can offer a local SDIA platform to facilitate the implementation of our Roadmap for a Sustainable Digital Economy by 2030. This is just the beginning. To foster the implementation of our Sustainability Roadmap, we will set up Innovation Labs across all key markets in Europe and translate our European vision into local action.”



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