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Amazon AWS is setting aside an initial $20 million to help accelerate research and development of diagnostic solutions. It is for helping push forward a more accurate, faster coronavirus COVID-19 test plus whatever else the $20 million can help with. Amazon’s warehouses prioritized their focus on baby, medical supplies and face masks for front line health care workers and those that cannot work form home.


Launched its educational website for Corona Virus – Covid19, focusing on education prevention and local resources. It’s testing screener website was not ready but a sister company owned by parent Alphabet launched its testing site for USA.


Microsoft has been working on health care software and several collaborative data projects, including the John Hopkins University COVID_19, confirmed case tracker. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also released a chatbot assessment tool for COVID-19 that uses Microsoft’s health chatbot tech as its underlying framework.


Apple Joined the “Millions of Masks” and is sourcing supplies for healthcare workers across the U.S.A. and Europe. Apple also detailed a $15 million donation, along with the two -to one corporate matching for all employee donations that go towards COVID-19 response.


Facebook will donate 720,000 masks — a combination of the coveted N95 respirators and more basic surgical masks and 1.5 million pairs of gloves to health care workers around the world. Facebook officials said they bought the masks for their offices’ emergency disaster kits following wildfires in California. They also gave $1,000 dollars to its employees that had to work from home although it has to be said that it is not providing the same for those working in its facilities or its contractors.


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