Covid 19. Event Update

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The spread of Covid 19 has escalated and many cities/nations are now taking preventative action to reduce the spread of this virus which includes curtailing and in some cases cancelling large gatherings altogether.
The well being of our Partners and Attendees is of paramount importance to everyone, as a result of this, we have been in discussion with our venues for the upcoming events planned in Chicago on May 20th and Virginia on July 29th with a view to rescheduling these. We are monitoring the situation very closely to establish the optimum time to deliver these events and fulfil our obligations, this is, of course, dependant on how things develop over the coming weeks and months.
We fully expect our London (September 8th) Paris (September 24th) and Montreal (October 14th) events will be unaffected, as of today, these events are still planned to go ahead. This may change subject to ongoing developments though so we will keep you posted.
Our mission to deliver thought-leading content, knowledge, advice, ideas and information on how we design, build and operate more efficient and sustainable Digital Infrastructure will not falter. In this regard, we had planned to launch a new sustainable initiative later this year to deliver the world’s first and only Sustainable Digital Infra Virtual Network dedicated to this narrative. With the current circumstances, we now find ourselves in we are now bringing forward this initiative by many months. 
Our plan is to deliver a global virtual repository which is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year for partners and attendees alike to share the experience, knowledge, information, solutions, services and the technological advances being made that will enable the energy transition required to reduce the carbon impact Digital Infrastructure has.
We should be in no doubt that we will all face some difficult and challenging times ahead, business cannot simply stop during these times though. We feel we can continue to work on behalf of our partners and attendees to ensure business continuity and outreach on the important issues and challenges our industry is facing.
We would be delighted to talk you through the platform and its capabilities to establish how best we might serve you over the coming year
With kind regards
The Digital Infra Team


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