DartPoints and TMGcore Partner to Offer Highly Dense and Scalable Data Center Solutions at the Edge

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DartPoints, an owner and operator of edge colocation data centers, and TMGcore, the leader in two-phase liquid immersion high-powered compute technology, recently announced their partnership for the design, deployment and operation of high-density, scalable, efficient and modular compute infrastructure edge facilities. This collaboration enables DartPoints to deploy TMGcore’s OTTO platform, which features two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, to create the most compact, high-density and low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) design. In turn, this empowers the aggregation and interconnection of networks, content and applications at the edge.

 TMGcore’s innovative two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, OTTO, solves some of the most pressing challenges across the data center industry today: rising operating costs and growing concerns over environmental impact. This platform, at just a tenth of the size of a traditional data center solution, offers ten times more processing power and serves as a fully integrated power, cooling, racking, networking and management platform.

 OTTO units start at just 4.5 Kilowatts and go up to 600 Kilowatts, remaining scalable and dynamic to support more than 1.2 Megawatts of power in under 320 square feet. This allows any market to leverage the compute infrastructure and interconnection capabilities that are typically only realized in major urban markets.

 “Local internet and large content providers have been searching for a way to easily connect and access critical infrastructure at the edge. Partnering with DartPoints allows us to deliver a turnkey solution quickly in edge markets, allowing customers to easily interconnect and distribute their content and applications. These markets are eager to gain access to locally generated and consumed content and applications in a way that is optimized while remaining cost-efficient,” adds John David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “Our OTTO platform is optimal for distributed deployments due to the comprehensive capabilities offered with a minimal footprint. With our solutions deployed and operated within DartPoints’ edge colocation and data center sites, local network operators and major content providers alike are assured that the power, cooling and management needs of their infrastructure are supported today with the scalability to meet any needs for tomorrow.”

 As a leading edge colocation data center provider, DartPoints aligns with existing infrastructure and network solutions, enhancing their capabilities by creating aggregated, neutral meet-me-points within local markets. This enables the optimized exchange of content and applications and offers improved performance and experience for end-users in underserved markets. With an added focus on neutrality and efficiency, DartPoints’ colocation data centers are a fraction of the size of traditional warehouse-sized facilities and are designed with the power and punch of large-scale real estate investments specifically designed to augment and enable content at the edge.

“As an ally that is looking to deliver enhanced content and application performance capabilities to the markets and customers that need them, DartPoints recognizes the importance of being able to deliver powerful solutions anywhere, as well as the need to be highly efficient in the design of the compute infrastructure we are bringing to each market,” comments Scott Willis, CEO of DartPoints. “TMGcore’s solutions align with these goals, and, in a single compact unit, provide high levels of flexibility paired with a complete power and cooling solution. Furthermore, these units are not just the right size, they are modular and scalable to support any power, cooling and density requirement that local networks or large hyperscalers may need in any market they want.”

For more information about TMGcore and the company’s flagship OTTO solution, please visit www.tmgcore.com.

For information about DartPoints’ edge colocation and data center capabilities visit www.dartpoints.com.


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