We are entering a new era of Digital Transformation!

The performance and sustainability of Digital Infrastructure that powers

the world’s economy is truly Mission Critical

The Digital Infra Virtual Network takes Operators, Vendors, Consultants and consumers of Digital Infrastructure on a journey of sustainable digital transformation.

There is new way to engage the Global Digital Infrastructure Industry, a smarter more sustainable approach to global networking! The Digital Infrastructure Virtual Network is free to join, live 24/7 – 365 days a year and is accessible from any device, from anywhere at any time.

Connecting the world’s foremost Thought Leaders, Consultants, Operators, Solution Providers and End Users across every aspect of Digital Infrastructure, the Network is designed to share Sustainable Digital Infrastructure thinking – Spreading ideas, information and advice around Digital Transformation and the Energy Transition required to Design, Build and Operate more efficient and sustainable Digital Infrastructures.

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“The three primary pillars upon which Digital Transformation is built – Compute, Network and Power, are collectively enabling Digital Transformation and shaping a sustainable world for future generations”

COMPUTE: Edge, Hyperscale, Enterprise, Multitenant/Colo, Cloud, Hybrid, Multi Cloud, On-Premise, Office as “Edge”, Telecoms.

NETWORK: Telecoms, Network, Fibre Optic Cable, 5G mobile/wireless, Internet, SDN / NFV, Cloud, Fog, Mist, Interconnection/Meet Me Room, Open Network Exchange, Subsea Fibre Optic Cable, Telco Central Office as Edge Data Center

POWER: Energy, Utilities, Renewable (and low-carbon) Generation, Utility-Scale Grid Energy Storage, Grid Power Transmission and Distribution, On-Site / Local Clean Power Gen, Microgrids.

What will you discover and learn?

Over the coming year we will be delivering multiple events with some of the World’s leading luminaries and solution providers as well as End Users covering the Three Primary Pillars upon which Digital Transformation is built – Compute, Network and Power, which collectively are enabling Digital Transformation and shaping a sustainable world for future generations

Key Features include…

  • Ability to connect with Partners, End Users and Operators
  • Network with Peers
  • Watch Presentations from leading luminaries
  • Join multiple conference days across the year
  • Gather content from Partners and solution providers
  • Gain Insight and Knowledge
  • Video Call and Chat with Partners, End Users and Operators

The Sustainable Transformation of Digital Infrastructure

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Michael Winterson – MD Equinix

Ali Fenn – President ITRENEW

Thomas Power – Futurist,

Max Schulze – Chairman of the Board SDIAlliance

Mohan Gandhi – Head of Research & Policy SDIAlliance

Topics discussed include……

Why regulations are not the answer to sustainability: Regulation of data centres is not the answer – joined up thinking as part of the circular economy is the only way to deliver the required benefits.

Technology Trends – navigating the future landscape: A journey through technology trends and how to navigate them.

The financial and sustainability case for circularity: A new way to think about the economic and environmental value of data centre equipment.

The utility of the future: Why the digital economy of tomorrow will be built on the shoulders of today’s electrical infrastructure.

Digital transformation – the superhighway to carbon zero: As economic value moves from carbon-based material to bit-based information, the opportunity for exponential new value creation at steep carbon reduction becomes possible.

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Our Partners have the solutions and technology that enables Digital Transformation – go check them out ! Without them we would not be able to deliver the platform so a BIG thank you goes out to each and every one. If you are interested in showcasing your products or services and build your own hub then what are you waiting for….


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Sharing Sustainable Digital Infrastructure thinking