“We are entering a new era of Digital Transformation! The performance and sustainability of Digital Infrastructure that powers the world’s economy is truly Mission Critical”

Now there is another way to engage the Global Digital Infrastructure Industry, a smarter more sustainable approach to global networking! Digital Infra are proud to announce the world’s first Digital Infrastructure Virtual Event Platform: It’s free to Register, live 24/7 -365 days a year and is accessible from any device, from anywhere at any time.

Working with the world’s foremost Thought Leaders, Consultants and Vendors across every aspect of Digital Infrastructure, the Platform is designed for the user to understand where they are on the Journey Towards Zero Carbon and provide ongoing access to the information needed to fully participate in the Digital Infrastructure Energy Transition.



“Digital Infrastructure energy transition is essential in an era when global data is doubling every 18 to 24 months. The Digital Infra Network Virtual Event Platform brings together industry decision makers who are tasked with meeting demand for carbon-clean energy to power business and industrial operations, sharing innovations and developing ideas that will help shape tomorrow’s world”

“The Digital Infra Virtual Network takes Operators, Vendors, Consultants and consumers of Digital Infrastructure on a journey of sustainable digital transformation”

REGISTER NOW  to join your peers within the Global Digital Infrastructure community on the Digital Transformation journey towards Zero Carbon. Engage through stimulating debate, thought leading content and insight, meet with experts and those who have the technology and know how to help you take positive steps towards ensuring Digital Infrastructure plays its part in Carbon Reduction.

The three primary pillars upon which Digital Transformation is built – Compute, Network and Power, are collectively enabling Digital Transformation and shaping a sustainable world for future generations.

COMPUTE: Edge, Hyperscale, Enterprise, Multitenant/Colo, Cloud, Hybrid, Multi Cloud, On-Premise, Office as “Edge”, Telecoms.

NETWORK: Telecoms, Network, Fibre Optic Cable, 5G mobile/wireless, Internet, SDN / NFV, Cloud, Fog, Mist, Interconnection/Meet Me Room, Open Network Exchange, Subsea Fibre Optic Cable, Telco Central Office as Edge Data Center

POWER: Energy, Utilities, Renewable (and low-carbon) Generation, Utility-Scale Grid Energy Storage, Grid Power Transmission and Distribution, On-Site / Local Clean Power Gen, Microgrids.

If you have something to share with the Global Digital Infrastructure Community or would like information on how to secure your Global Exposure and reserve a Virtual Booth then what are you waiting for… GET IN TOUCH