E+I Engineering are Raising the Bar for BIM Object Standards

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As a leading manufacturer of busbar trunking systems in Europe, E+I Engineering Group Ltd are delighted to have achieved the new BSI Kitemark™ for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Objects.

The BIM Objects Kitemark is the benchmark in best practice for the production of digital products used in BIM models. It covers the full range of construction products for structural, architectural and mechanical-electrical-pipework projects. The Kitemark certification process ensures that your BIM Objects are a true likeness of your physical products, to give your customers complete confidence during design, construction and asset management.

E+I Engineering’s BIM Division Manager Colum Davidson highlighted the significance of E+I Engineering’s BIM content, stating “Currently there is no specific ‘Busway’ category within Revit and often ‘ductwork’ or ‘Cable Tray’ components are used by designers as a ‘placeholder’ in their Revit projects. E&I Engineering solution is to ensure accuracy during the design stage to help our customers reach an ‘as-built’ Busway system at the early stages of a project, significantly reducing additional design time required at later stages of the project.”

This achievement signifies E+I Engineering’s longstanding commitment to BIM and to providing our clients with a first-class service. As a company we are committed to the on-going development of our BIM content offering and the BSI Kitemark for BIM has only fuelled our desire to improve and expand our service.

E+I Engineering’s BSI accredited BIM content can be accessed by registering online at



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