5C Data Centers announces data center campus in the Columbus Ohio region

5C Data Centers (5CDC), a provider of state-of-the-art data center services, has announced plans to develop its next data center campus, CMH01, in the Columbus, Ohio region, following the acquisition of a live data center.

Located in one of the fastest growing data center markets in North America, the acquired site encompasses over 1,742,400 square feet of land with a live 66,000 square foot data center. With plans to expand to an additional 320,000 square feet of data center capacity in the next development phase, the site will offer a significant opportunity for 5CDC to deliver data center capacity for high-performance applications to hyperscale, AI and cloud customers.

Thanks to close partnership with the local utility, the site expansion is well under way. 200MW of power capacity is secured and set for delivery to the site, with the first 100MW scheduled for Q1 2025. The first shell is fully leased and will deliver its remaining capacity by Q3 2024. Additional power capacity is being secured, allowing for significant scalability over time.

“We are excited about this new acquisition and development in the Columbus, Ohio region,” said Steve Perez, Founder and President of 5CDC.  “Initial discussions with our hyperscale and large cloud customers revealed significant interest, resulting in the first phase of the project already being sold out. Once fully developed, CMH01 will be the one of the largest data center campuses in the region.”

“The acquisition of the facility in the Columbus, Ohio region marks a significant milestone for 5CDC. This is the first of many mega-campuses we plan to announce and are excited about CMH01 given the strong fundamentals and scalability of this particular area for our customers,” said Nick Etscheid, Chief Corporate Development Officer of 5CDC.

Strong collaboration from local government bodies have played a pivotal role in 5CDC’s success in the region. 5CDC is committed to fostering economic growth with an emphasis on sustainability and expanding market presence.

“We are delighted to be working with local partners in Ohio to expand 5CDC’s presence while driving economic development by adding many high-quality, high-paying jobs. Equally important, 5CDC is strongly focused on local sustainability initiatives to ensure our growth aligns with positive impact in the communities where we operate.” said Benjamin Basson, Senior Vice President of Business Development at 5CDC.

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