Mission Critical events industry consolidates.

7×24 Exchange International has announced the purchase of CAPRE Omnimedia, LLC (CAPRE) assets. Cyrus Izzo, 7×24 Exchange’s President, stated “The CAPRE asset purchase reinforces 7×24 Exchange as the leading knowledge exchange in the mission-critical industry.”

7×24 Exchange International Chairman & CEO Bob Cassiliano said that the purchase would be good for industry professionals trying to prioritize time, travel and expense resources associated with event travel, especially in the US, where he heard complaints about a large number of competing events. In addition, 7×24 expects the acquisition to enable its chapters to attract more sponsors and attendees, as CAPRE events often overlapped chapter meetings.  

7×24 Exchange International conducted 2 onsite national conferences in 2021, the only mission-critical organization to do so. Both events were extremely well attended, in part, according to 7×24 Exchange because industry professionals had tired of the lack of networking and limited education and information sharing on video conferencing platforms.  Until the COVID outbreak, CAPRE held numerous data center conferences regionally within the US and Canada with much success and was a major player in the mission-critical events industry. However, CAPRE had not conducted a conference since March 5, 2020.

Under the terms of the agreement, 7×24 Exchange will acquire the assets of CAPRE, including its attendance and marketing programs, plus Brian Klebash, president and founder of CAPRE will remain active for two years in a new sales capacity, which will allow 7×24 Exchange to optimize CAPRE’s assets in the form of additional attendees and sponsors at its chapter meetings and its national meetings as well.

Content at 7×24 Exchange meetings is not expected to change markedly, as the two groups experienced extensive overlaps in the audience. That said, 7×24 Exchange chapters are largely autonomous and may add or alter their current programs to attract members as a result of this purchase. In addition, 7×24 Exchange will not be hosting any events using CAPRE branding.

Cassiliano negotiated directly with Klebash on the asset purchase. As a result of these discussions, the 7×24 Exchange Board of Directors approved moving forward with the deal. Cassiliano said “The mission-critical industry will benefit from this transaction as it will consolidate the events industry professionals attend making for more efficient and productive opportunities for networking, information sharing, and sponsorships. CAPRE held numerous regional conferences which will now generate additional attendance and sponsorships for events conducted by 7×24 Exchange’s 28 chapters. Brian has been an industry leader and we welcome him to the 7×24 Exchange team as a consultant with responsibility for new sales activities for 7×24 Exchange International.” 

Klebash added “7×24 Exchange International commands the highest calibre speakers, sponsors and attendees in the digital infrastructure industry. This transaction is a genuine win for the industry. The best minds in the industry attend and participate in 7×24 International conferences and it is the one organization where industry executives come together. I am excited for this next chapter for me and to work with 7×24 Exchange.” 

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