Accelsius and OptiCool to deliver waterless liquid cooling systems for data centers

Accelsius, whose patented NeuCool 2-Phase DTC liquid cooling systems enable unprecedented high-performance computing and compute density for data center and edge computer operators, announced a strategic partnership with OptiCool Technologies and their active RDHx Cool Door to accelerate the creation of waterless, direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems to serve a rapidly expanding market.

While water has historically been used in single-phase liquid cooling, both Accelsius and OptiCool have seen a significant increase in customer interest in cooling infrastructure requiring no facility water in the primary cooling loop. This eliminates any potential server and IT equipment damage in the data center rack caused by water-centric liquid cooling systems.

For AI and advanced computing applications, this translates into millions of dollars of investment protection. This partnership will mean that the companies can achieve world-class heat transfer without the resource consumption or potential danger of a water-based infrastructure.

In working together, Accelsius and OptiCool will each bring their own specialties and capabilities for a comprehensive cooling system that can be adapted to meet customer needs. Each team’s U.S.-based supply chains and manufacturing will meet this increasing demand in a timely and proficient manner.

“We’re lucky to work with a company like OptiCool and leverage our respective innovations to create a true best-in-class, waterless system for our customers,” said Josh Claman, CEO of Accelsius. “Our combined strengths, including technical expertise and service, will fully meet the rapidly expanding need for a solution like this.”

“Partnering with Accelsius brings immense value to our customers by offering a highly efficient waterless liquid cooling solution that ensures optimal performance and investment protection for their data centers. This collaboration is crucial for the data center industry as it addresses the growing demand for efficient and sustainable cooling solutions. By combining our expertise, we can deliver a comprehensive cooling system that meets the evolving needs of the industry,” stated John Fitzpatrick, OptiCool’s CEO.

Accelsius’ proprietary NeuCool platform is a two-phase, direct-to-chip liquid cooling system that utilizes a safe, proven dielectric refrigerant that won’t damage a server, rack, or data center in the unlikely event of a leak scenario. While the NeuCool primary loop can leverage facility water to the rack, the paired OptiCool and Accelsius system is designed to keep water external to the white space in its entirety, even when using facility water for external heat rejection.

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