Accelsius introduces NeuCool Kickstart for liquid cooling trial

Accelsius™, whose patented two-phase, direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems enable unprecedented, enterprise-class compute density for data centre and edge operators, launched its Kickstart programme, an exclusive field trial of the company’s innovative NeuCool™ platform.

NeuCool Kickstart offers data centre operators a smooth transition path from air cooling to liquid cooling, which enables greater server density per rack and higher compute performance while improving sustainability through reduced electricity, water use and costs. Accelsius is offering operators a customised NeuCool system rack for testing and evaluation in their own facility as part of this staged programme.

The Kickstart program’s progressive roadmap will provide data centre operators a chance to plan and forecast for a hybrid operating environment on the path to a full transition away from traditional air-cooling systems. Key to this planned evolution will be Accelsius’s enterprise-class quality, reliability and serviceability bolstered by the company’s North American supply chain and manufacturing operations.

“We’re committed to being a best-in-class partner in the journey from air to liquid cooling,” said Accelsius CEO Josh Claman. “With the Kickstart programme, we look forward to collaborating with data centre and edge facility operators to demonstrate first-hand the advantages of NeuCool, and we welcome their feedback as we fine-tune this transformational technology for a wide range of applications and use cases.”

With its two-phase, direct-to-chip approach, the NeuCool platform represents the pinnacle of high-performance cooling, delivering best-in-class thermal efficiencies and unrivalled reliability at scale. The innovative water-free two-phase coolant circulation process enables energy-efficient heat transfer without the risk of damage from leaks and can save data centres 50% in annual energy costs.

Kickstart participants will work closely with Accelsius field engineers and thermal scientists to deploy and commission the system, and continuous training and support will be provided throughout the programme. In return, Accelsius is looking for regular feedback on the NeuCool system’s performance, which will inform future updates and improvements to the system’s cooling technology.

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