Ad Signal partners with Perifery to reduce storage costs and carbon impact

Ad Signal, a specialist provider of video content management solutions, has partnered with Perifery to provide media organisations with seamless deduplication workflows. The integration optimises the storage and management of digital assets and contributes to cost savings and carbon reduction for many businesses.

Ad Signal’s Match software, which rapidly identifies duplicate copies of video, image and audio files to leave only unique versions, can now integrate with Perifery’s Object Matrix to help media teams automatically identify duplicate assets.

Perifery’s Object Matrix, a media-centric object storage platform, offers a range of features, including security, analytics, and user-friendly interfaces. This platform revolutionises video workflows, providing instant access to all media assets, addressing the challenges of security, performance, collaboration, and accessibility often faced by organisations dealing with large volumes of video content.

Tom Dunning, CEO of Ad Signal, said: “Unfortunately, it’s become commonplace for organisations to store huge volumes of duplicated content, sometimes without even realising that it’s there. Not only does this complicate the task of finding the right version of a file, but storing and computing these wasted files is very carbon intensive.”

“It’s estimated that data centres and network traffic account for 2.3 per cent of global CO2 emissions, 70 per cent of which is video, making it comparable to the global aviation industry. This is a significant issue that is ever growing as content demand and production continues to increase. We are delighted to partner with Perifery to provide the go-to solution for organisations to slash costs and reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to digital assets.”

Mark Habberfield, Senior Solutions Architect, Perifery, added: “Safely and securely storing the right data is key to good business practices, and Ad Signal with Object Matrix gives resource-conscious media teams a great toolset to efficiently manage their video archive. Customers not only benefit from easy, self-serve access and retrieval of their assets with Object Matrix, but also confidence in their carbon reduction efforts using Match.”

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