AESG acquire Commtech Europe to expand into the data centre market

AESG has acquired Commtech Europe, an established provider of commissioning and technical services throughout Europe.

With the rapid expansion of the data centre sector alongside the ever-increasing complexity of building systems, Commtech Europe’s reputation and strength in commissioning critical facilities and systems perfectly align with the company’s comprehensive commissioning, digital handover, and asset management services and its commitment to delivering best-in-class engineering services resulting in greater efficiencies in project delivery.

Commtech Europe will be fully integrated into the company, giving existing Commtech Europe clients access to AESG’s complimentary commissioning expertise as well as the firms multidisciplinary expertise in sustainable design, fire engineering, façade engineering, acoustics, environmental consultancy, and data management for the built environment.

In line with AESG’s recently announced global expansion strategy, acquiring Comtech Europe ensures the firm continues to be at the forefront of innovation and advanced technical solutions, to be able to keep delivering buildings and critical facilities that excel operationally with life safety, reliability and energy performance considered from the start.

“Acquiring Commtech Europe is a significant step for AESG,” Saeed Al Abbar, CEO at AESG, said. “Bringing their expertise into AESG enables us to continue building upon our proven track record of delivering exceptional projects for our clients across all of our core markets and sectors.”

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