Africa Data Centres, Onix Data Centre to expand data footprint in Ghana

Africa Data Centres, a part of Cassava Technologies Group, has announced a strategic alliance with Onix Data Centre to strengthen its operations in West Africa. This partnership signifies a significant step in Africa Data Centres’ goal to broaden its network of data centres across the continent and deliver top-tier solutions to its clientele.

The collaboration between Africa Data Centres and Onix Data Centre will primarily focus on Ghana and other strategically important markets where Africa Data Centres currently lacks physical infrastructure.

This partnership will empower Africa Data Centres to offer its customers broader geographic coverage, enhanced expertise, and a cohesive customer experience across multiple regions.

Krishnan Ranganath, regional executive overseeing West Africa for Africa Data Centres, highlighted the alliance’s potential to deliver outstanding data services to clients in the West African market, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

“I’m stepping into the Ghana market through the partnership with Onix. Along with that, I have UniCloud Africa Limited. It’s one of the pan-African cloud service providers. So, it’s the first baby in this marriage between ADC and Onix.”

Yen Choi, Chief Executive Officer, Onix Data Centre, said, “We’re really excited about this partnership opportunity. Onix Data Centre is the most renowned Tier 4 data center in the region. And we only succeed through partnerships. Partnerships at all levels with other data centers, with network service providers, with system integrators. And we’re very excited about this.”

He added, “Because it’s a big step towards the digital transformation journey of every country, especially Ghana. And we’re seeing this with the first customer, which is UniCloud. And it shows that digital transformation is not waiting for anybody.”

“It’s happening as we speak. Organisations are moving their services to the cloud. Advancing their services and providing benefits to their customers,” Choi added.

The CEO of UniCloud Africa, Ladi Okuneye, also noted that “one of the strategic partnerships is that we are going into different markets in Africa with the Africa Data Center. So, upon our entry into the Ghanaian market, we thought it was benefitting for us to come in at a time that they were also establishing their strategic relationship with Onix.”

“So, we are really excited to be bringing domesticated cloud services to the Ghanaian market.”

The agreement will mainly center on Ghana, with additional exploration of advantageous opportunities in other West African markets where Africa Data Centres do not currently have a physical presence. This strategic initiative enables them to provide customers with expanded geographic coverage, increased expertise, and a unified experience across multiple sites.

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