Africa Data Centres plan to construct large hyperscale data centres throughout Africa

Africa’s leading carrier-neutral colocation data centre provider, Africa Data Centres has announced plans to build large hyperscale data centres throughout Africa, including the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. 

The project will involve building 10 hyperscale data centres, in 10 countries, over the next two years, at a cost of more than $500,000,000. It is being funded through new equity and facilities from leading development finance institutions and multilateral organisations. 

“This commitment to Africa, through the continuous deployment of capital-intensive infrastructure projects, has pivotal knock-on effects for the communities and economies we serve,” Stephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centres,” said. “All our data centres are world-class, built to the same, global market-leading standard and offer a reliable, resilient, secure and interconnected base. 

“This allows multinational organisations to confidently enter the market, knowing their future growth is assured and they have access to open carrier systems to the rest of the continent. Additionally, without access to always-on, high-speed data centre facilities, the private sector cannot compete globally and will see slowed growth locally; equally important is the impact IT services have on the public sector, from healthcare to transport infrastructure.” 

Africa Data Centres’ investment is a reflection of the continued direct foreign investment into the continent and the positive growth of local organisations.

Industries that are especially likely to be buoyed by Africa Data Centres’ expansion are the banking and growing fintech sectors, insurance and medical organisations, the public sector, hyperscale cloud providers and content providers. These industries are highly sensitive to data speed, security, guaranteed uptime and are exacting when it comes to reliability and trust in their providers. 

Africa Data Centres has already begun the implementation of its roadmap with the construction of both new facilities and the expansion of existing facilities underway.

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