AGMH and AI service provider, RDA to construct AI data centers

AGM Group Holdings, an integrated technology company focusing on providing fintech software services and producing high-performance hardware and computing equipment, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Red Dot Analytics for collaborative efforts in constructing AI data centers.

Red Dot Analytics, renowned for its groundbreaking work in AI solutions, has notably led the deployment of AI-driven optimization platform in the world’s first “Sustainable Tropical Datacenter Testbed”, showcasing expertise in Digital Twin and Physics-informed AI. Their focus on Cognitive Twin Solutions emphasizes AI-driven optimization for sustainable design and operational efficiency in data centers. The outcomes of RDA’s AI solutions have been remarkable in areas of reducing energy consumption, enhancing resilience in both design and operations, as well as improving asset utilization. Supporting both AI-Datacenters, and colocation datacenters, more than 130MW of IT capacity and more than 10K racks, RDA’s solutions are currently deployed in over 15 data centers across Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.  

Under the MOU, RDA will strategically collaborate with AGMH to pioneer innovative initiatives in constructing AI hyper-connected GPU-driven data centers. Leveraging RDA’s advanced Digital-twin platform and Company’s purpose-built data centers for AI workloads, the partnership aims to validate designs, optimize predictions, improve PUE, and enable intelligent monitoring. Together, they will develop Digital-twin based, AI-driven solutions to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in AI data centers. Pilot projects for AI data centers in Asia and Canada are set to commence, with further details to be discussed.

Mr. Zhu Bo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGM Group, commented, ” We are pleased to solidify our collaboration with RDA, which highlights our commitment to sustainable growth and innovation in AI computing. We believe RDA’s solution will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our AI data centers, creating substantial value throughout their lifecycle. Since announcing our strategic upgrade, the deployment of various new businesses has progressed rapidly. We eagerly anticipate accelerating our global business development and delivering enhanced value returns to our shareholders.”

Mr. Henry Xu, Chief Executive Officer of RDA, added, “We are delighted to partner with AGM in their journey towards developing next-generation green, sustainable, highly efficient, and resilient data centers to support the widespread adoption of AI. Past achievements and the recognition from major data center operators in Singapore and abroad have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solution. RDA’s mission is to bring innovation to the forefront, revolutionizing data center management for a smarter, greener future. We believe that with RDA’s industry-validated technology, AGM’s business development will become more efficient and sustainable.”

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