Airtel launches data centre to accelerate Africa’s digital transition

Airtel Africa has launched ‘Nxtra’, a new data centre to meet Africa’s growing needs for trusted, and sustainable data centre capacity and to serve the fast-growing African digital economy.

Airtel Africa’s Group CEO, Mr Segun Ogunsanya, said this in a statement signed by Mr Emeka Oparah, Vice President Communications and CSR, Airtel Africa, on Tuesday in Lagos.

Ogunsanya remarked that a rapid increase in data centre capacity is needed to support the growth potential of Africa’s digital economy. He added that the aim of Nxtra was to build one of the largest networks of data centres in Africa, with high-capacity data centres in major cities located strategically across Airtel Africa’s footprint.

According to him, Nxtra’s ambition will allow it to serve the growing need of African enterprises and its data centre infrastructure will be designed to host the next generation of computing.

Coupled with Airtel Africa’s extensive fibre footprint, Nxtra would offer secure and scalable integrated solutions to global hyper-scalers, large enterprises, startups and governments.

“Through locally available data centre capacity, speed to access digital services will improve and the cost of managing data will be reduced, hence supporting a new generation of African tech talent.

“Also, Nxtra will enable customers meet data sovereignty requirements while at the same time enabling more local cloud services to be offered in the countries where Airtel Africa operates,” he said.

The first major Nxtra facility in Lagos, Nigeria, would deliver 34 Megawatts of total power. According to him, it is designed to host high-density racks and integrate the latest best practise construction to achieve 1.3 power usage effectiveness.

To deliver on Nxtra’s vision, Airtel Africa has appointed Yashnath Issur, the former head of Global Data Centre Portfolio Management at Amazon Web Services, as CEO of Nxtra by Airtel. Issur has 16 years of experience in the industry and, over the past year, built a team of experts to execute on the strategy.

In his concluding remarks, Ogunsanya said, “We’re proud to drive the future of Africa’s digital infrastructure, unlocking opportunities for businesses to grow and fuelling economic prosperity.”

“Airtel Africa’s team has consistently shown our ability to deliver on infrastructure projects across Africa, and we are confident that our next-generation data centres will support our ambition to become the partner of choice for global customers and Africa’s newest tech unicorns alike.” Ogunsanya added.

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