AirTrunk announces expansion of the ‘Western Sydney Region’ with their SYD3 Hyperscale Data Center.

New Western Sydney data centre for AirTrunk as SYD1 nears capacityjpg

Driven by incremental customer demand in Western Sydney the APAC operator has announced plans to build a new data center known as SYD3.

This data center will be one of the largest in the region with approximately 320MW of capacity when completed and will join SYD1 which is approximately 130MW in Western Sydney and SYD2 which is approximately 110MW in the city’s north.

The ‘AirTrunk Western Sydney Region’ expansion programme combined with the SYD1 and SYD3 connected campuses will allow new and existing customers to expand within the defined cloud availability zone.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AirTrunk, Robin Khuda, said: “It’s an exciting day as we circle back to Western Sydney where it all began for AirTrunk when we launched our flagship SYD1 data centre in late 2017. With SYD1 nearing full capacity, SYD3’s location less than one kilometre away, will help our major technology customers scale with ease and create synergies and efficiencies between the connected campuses.” 

SYD3 will comprise nine phases built over 20.5 acres and when completed will deliver more than 320MW of IT load powered by a 132KV onsite substation. Like the companies other sites, SYD3 is designed to operate at a PUE of 1.15 and will utilise approximately 80% less water than a traditional data centre. It will feature a range of innovations during design, construction, and operation to deliver efficiencies and minimise carbon impact for customers and communities.

SYD3 brings AirTrunk’s Asia-Pacific data center platform to a total of seven hyper-scale data centres across the region. 

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