AirTrunk links loan repayments to sustainability goals

AirTrunk has become the latest data centre company to link its loan repayments to sustainability goals. The firm has converted its existing corporate loan facility of more than $2.1 billion into a Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL). If the company hits certain ESG goals, it will see reduced interest payments on its debts.

The company’s loan KPIs span three key areas. Diversity and inclusion, carbon neutrality, and energy efficiency through PUE targets. To ensure transparency and governance, the KPIs will be independently assured.

“Sustainability has been at the core of AirTrunk’s business purpose from day one as we pioneered hyperscale data centres in the region with industry-leading scale and energy efficiency,” Robin Khuda, founder and CEO of AirTrunk, said. “By transitioning to this SLL with three ambitious KPIs including one for Operating PUE, we are holding ourselves to account to achieve our sustainability objectives.”

The company has five data centres in total, having opened the launched centres in Hong Kong and Singapore in December 2020. A large facility in Tokyo is currently in development.

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