ALLO Communications secures sustainable financing to accelerate growth


Calix’s longtime customer, ALLO Communications has raised US$650 million in sustainable financing, driven in part by their investment in the Calix broadband platform- Calix Intelligent Access EDGE, Calix Cloud, and Calix Revenue EDGE. ALLO’s newly secured financing will help them further expand their green broadband network to subscribers across Nebraska, Colourado, and Arizona.

ALLO is using the end-to-end Calix broadband platform to demonstrate environmental leadership by: Reducing broadband network power consumption 73 percent, Delivering a superior Wi-Fi experience using 50 percent less power, Reducing costly and environmentally unfriendly truck rolls 40 percent, and Eliminating the need for fixed wireless community networks and reducing 5G footprint.

“Our partnership with Calix has been our engine for growth and innovation, enabling us to stand apart from the competition by offering compelling managed services and transforming the communities that we serve,” said Brad Moline, president and chief executive officer at ALLO. “By leveraging the unique sustainability benefits of the Calix broadband platform combined with our fibre investment, support of nonprofits, and overall business values, we’ve secured sustainable financing that will fuel our next era of growth. This is a huge endorsement of our ESG strategy and will support our continued innovation as we deliver exceptional broadband experiences to our subscribers.”

Calix, a trailblazer in social, environmental, and ethical responsibility, has recently unified its diverse initiatives under a consolidated corporate social responsibility (CSR) unit. Headed by Martha Galley, the newly established office aims to enhance and magnify the company’s positive influence on customers, employees, and society by building upon existing programmes related to products, supply chains, and culture. The Calix CSR office will leverage its existing expertise in broadband funding and extend support to customers in procuring sustainable financing aligned with their green initiatives, actively assisting them in attracting and securing such funding.

“The Calix platform enables innovative leaders like ALLO to guide us on how it can be best leveraged to achieve their goals,” said Michael Weening, president and chief executive officer at Calix. “ALLO is setting the bar for positive impact on the environment and the communities they serve. The Calix broadband platform unlocks new opportunities for investment, enabling broadband service providers like ALLO to revolutionise their business and transform their communities through green broadband. They can simplify their networks with Intelligent Access EDGE, eliminating a myriad of complexity and boxes, thereby yielding significantly better operating margins while being more energy efficient. And now, because ALLO pushed us to think differently, broadband service providers of all sizes can repurpose Wi-Fi systems to act like small cells so underprivileged children can access safe and secure broadband anywhere in their communities. I cannot thank Brad Moline and his team enough for their ideas, innovation, and partnership as they change the states they serve. We are proud to be their partner as they keep winning.”

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