Americase to introduce leading li-ion battery shipping and storage solutions 

Americase, the leading manufacturer of protective containers for hazmat and high value goods, will showcase the latest lithium-ion battery shipping and storage solutions, custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of data centers and their OEM partners during Data Center World in Washington, D.C.

Featured protective containers include the new Li-Ion Battery Storage Cabinet, a versatile mobile unit that exceeds IFC24 storage requirements, designed for optimal in-house thermal containment; the Li-Ion Battery Transport and Thermal Containment Cart, engineered to facilitate easy and safe movement of battery inventory within the facility premises and provide safe storage and shipping of DDR batteries; and Battery Backup Units (BBU) Cases engineered to safely and efficiently transport and store large volumes of lithium-ion batteries while exceeding all current and upcoming hazardous materials regulations.

“With the increasing reliance on lithium-ion batteries within the data center ecosystem, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and compliance without sacrificing efficiency,” said Robby Kinsala, CEO of Americase. “Americase is committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed these requirements, ensuring that data centers and their partners are well-prepared for the future.”

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