Applied Digital announces energisation of its 200-megawatt datacenter

Applied Digital Corporation, a designer, builder, and operator of next-generation digital infrastructure designed for High-Performance Computing applications, has announced the energising of its 200-megawatt (MW) facility in Garden City, Texas.

The energisation of the Garden City facility marks Applied Digital’s third successful next-generation datacenter development within North America for blockchain hosting operations.

Once fully energised, this location will bring Applied Digital to the full planned 480MW of total hosting capacity across its blockchain hosting facilities.

“The successful energisation of our third blockchain hosting facility, located in Garden City, Texas, represents a significant milestone for Applied Digital,” said Applied Digital CEO and Chairman Wes Cummins. “We remain dedicated to providing digital infrastructure solutions for high-performance computing that redefines traditional data centres, including our existing blockchain hosting operations and other HPC applications.”

Applied Digital designs, develops and operates next-generation data centres across North America to provide digital infrastructure solutions to the rapidly growing high-performance computing (HPC) industry.

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