Aquatech and DataVolt lead the way for sustainable data centres with cooling solutions

Aquatech Systems Asia and DataVolt Information Technology have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for water cooling and recycling technology cooperation and services.

Under this MOU, Aquatech and DataVolt are embarking on a strategic alliance to design, construct, and operate state-of-the-art sustainable data centres.

These data centres will be equipped with highly efficient cooling systems tailored to the evolving demands of modern computing technology while striving to minimise total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Both parties are deeply committed to advancing cooling techniques and water reuse, integrating sustainable cooling solutions that capitalise on their combined experience.

Aquatech is a global leader in water and process cooling solutions for data centres and brings its vast experience to the table to support this groundbreaking work with DataVolt. Together, Aquatech and DataVolt will bring unmatched expertise to help the world’s largest cloud companies operate with the lowest carbon footprint and achieve new levels of sustainability and efficiency.

“Through this MOU, we are advancing cutting-edge technology and fostering stronger ties between India and Saudi Arabia,” said Venkee Sharma, Executive Chairman at Aquatech. “Together, we will redefine the standards for data centre sustainability and innovation, setting a benchmark for the industry.”

DataVolt is developing and operating future-ready, innovative, and environmentally conscious data centres for a connected world. As part of the Vision Invest group, DataVolt has ample expertise in developing and operating renewable power, cooling, and water treatment and reusage critical infrastructure. DataVolt integrates advanced technologies and sustainable practises in its data centres, ensuring efficient cooling operations while preserving precious water resources.

“Through this strategic alliance with Aquatech, DataVolt is poised to revolutionise the data centre industry. We are dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that not only drive efficiency but also prioritise environmental stewardship,” said Rajit Nanda, CEO at DataVolt.

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