Arabesques ESG Book launches on Google Cloud

ESG Book, a central source for accessible and digital corporate sustainability data, has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to deliver next-generation ESG data solutions through cloud technology.

Launched by Arabesque in December 2021, ESG Book enables companies to be custodians of their own data through a digital platform, providing framework-neutral ESG information in real-time, promoting transparency. The platform has been developed by technology company Arabesque, and runs according to principles from the UN Global Compact, which encourages companies to adopt sustainable policies.

The collaboration will enable Google Cloud’s customers to access ESG Book’s suite of sustainability data products and solutions through Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub, providing a centralised and streamlined data delivery experience at scale. This will open up access to ESG Book’s wide range of sustainability metrics and data on corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and green revenues, together with its proprietary regulatory solutions addressing Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Taxonomy requirements.

Dr Daniel Klier, CEO of ESG Book, said: “To realise the transition towards a more sustainable, net-zero future, it is crucial for investors and businesses to have access to comparable and reliable sustainability information. Google Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure will enable ESG Book to offer a digitised and streamlined approach to ESG data and unlock both value and actionable, real-time insights. We are truly excited to be collaborating with Google Cloud.”

Justin Keeble, Managing Director, Global Sustainability, Google Cloud, said: “Fast, easy access to ESG and sustainability data has never been more important for businesses today, so they can act now. At Google Cloud, we are seeing every customer in every industry respond to sustainability changes and data is at the centre of that transformation. We are proud to support our customers by making ESG Book’s data readily available, speeding up access to such critical data.”

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