Aramco team with AVEVA for sustainable digital transformations

Aramco and AVEVA have announced their intention to form a strategic alliance. Focused on driving sustainability through digital transformation, the partnership will help enable AVEVA to establish their largest digital hub, with a research and development capability, in the Middle East, headquartered in Saudi Arabia. This partnership will represent a significant investment for AVEVA which is also looking to create up to 300 high skill new jobs by 2030.

This transformative partnership is designed to foster a working relationship between the two companies in the deployment of various digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data management.  AVEVA and Aramco aim to work together to unlock the benefits of these technologies in line with the move towards industrial sustainability throughout the Middle East. One of the key focus areas of the partnership will be to utilise digital technologies to support the development and implementation of blue hydrogen and decarbonisation facilities in Saudi Arabia in line with the Kingdom’s energy transition strategy.  Another area in which the companies intend to work together is in the implementation of cutting-edge predictive analytics technology across Aramco’s operating facilities.  This would be one of the largest deployments of such technology in the region and the main goal is to further improve the reliability, performance, and safety of the company’s operation.

A key offering for customers in the region through this new hub is intended to be AVEVA’s trademark digital twin technology which combines asset design and predictive analytics in order to create a fully integrated, real-time data visualisation centre that reveals functional insights, unlocks efficiencies, and identifies new pathways to optimise performance. 

“Digital technologies have the potential to accelerate the transformation of the industrial sector and drive it towards more efficient and sustainable operations,” Ahmad Al-Sa’adi, Senior Vice President of technical services at Aramco, said. “Establishing partnerships with leaders in industrial digital software, such as AVEVA, is one of the main elements in our digital transformation strategy and we believe will help us realise our mission of leveraging digital solutions to deliver tomorrow’s energy more sustainably, efficiently, and safely.”

“Through this initiative, AVEVA aims to contribute to creating job opportunities throughout the Middle East region,” Peter Herweck, CEO of AVEVA, said. “This partnership the vision of our companies is to play a fundamental role in industrial sector decarbonisation within Saudi Arabia and the delivery of its sustainable goals, bringing capabilities to optimise every aspect of the value chain with sophisticated imaging, data analytics and deep-learning technologies that this initiative would bring.”

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