Arelion launches PoP in Guadalajara at HostDime’s carrier-neutral GDL data centre

Arelion has announced a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Guadalajara, further expanding the Tier-1 global Internet carrier’s presence in Mexico. Arelion’s new PoP at global edge data centre provider HostDime’s GDL site will provide wholesale and enterprise customers in Guadalajara’s booming electronics and technology sectors with direct access to Arelion’s reliable, high-performance global network and local ecosystem of cloud, content and security services, supporting further nearshoring investment in Guadalajara.

Arelion’s fully diverse, resilient PoP in Guadalajara avoids backhauling from the United States, enabling improved customer experiences through direct, low-latency access to its Tier-1 network. Through this PoP, Arelion can provide local and national Internet service providers with diverse connectivity to its existing PoPs in Mexico City, Querétaro and Monterrey, including local access to cloud content in Querétaro and Monterrey.

With this new PoP, Arelion positions itself as a reliable connectivity partner for multinational enterprises in Guadalajara’s thriving electronics, manufacturing and information technology sectors.

“Arelion continues its mission of organic expansion in Mexico to provide resilient, low-latency connectivity to wholesale and enterprise customers,” said Luis Velasquez, Mexico Business Manager, Arelion. “This new PoP in Guadalajara will serve as an aggregation point for Internet service providers seeking access to Mexico’s largest connectivity markets, strengthening the region’s ecosystem through Tier-1 connectivity services.”

“Arelion’s new PoP at our carrier-neutral GDL data centre will bolster the local Guadalajara network connectivity, providing high-capacity access to cloud, content and connectivity services for companies that rely on our Guadalajara data centre to localise content & traffic,” said Manny Vivar, HostDime CEO. “Our data centre is one of the only carrier-neutral sites in the region. With Arelion, our facility strengthens its position as a primary Guadalajara network hub through fully resilient, diverse connectivity to Arelion’s global Tier-1 network being on-net.”

HostDime’s GDL facility provides colocation, bare metal compute & interconnection data centre infrastructure services to Mexico and is an ideal facility for global businesses needing to reach Mexican markets. The GDL facility is also home to the only peering exchange in the region Guadalajara Internet Exchange Point (GDL-IXP). The partnership with Arelion, HostDime and GDL-IXP will accelerate improvement of Guadalajara’s network ecosystem that will benefit the entire community of users and providers.

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