Arelion upgrades Kansas City PoP to support multi-terabit capacity

Arelion has upgraded its Kansas City, MO Point-of-Presence (PoP) at the NOCIX 1530 Swift data center, continuing its organic network expansion in North America. This upgrade provides Arelion’s wholesale and enterprise customers with multi-terabit scale 400G Wave services and additional diversity for low-latency connectivity into the thriving Kansas City tech market. Arelion’s network expansion serves the accelerating demand for high-capacity transmission services and scalable space and power due to the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and local startups in Kansas City.

The ‘Silicon Prairie’ is a midwestern region seeing significant tech growth, including the Omaha-Kansas City-Des Moines triangle. Kansas City has experienced substantial data center investment, with Google recently purchasing 500 acres of land for data center development in Kansas City’s Northland and Meta building an $800 million data center in Kansas City’s Golden Plains Technology Park. As the region’s tech growth causes rising demand for data center space and connectivity services, Arelion’s network expansion provides diverse, high-capacity connectivity for companies seeking access to the booming market. This network expansion bolsters Arelion’s existing IP service capability in Kansas City and lays the foundation for additional diversity through future network expansions.

“NOCIX’s 1530 Swift data center provides the additional power and space scaling needed to meet customer demand for content, cloud and AI/ML expansion in the region,” said Art Kazmierczak, Arelion Director of Strategic Sales and Network Development. “This new investment empowers our customers with high-capacity Wave services and diverse connectivity to the content ecosystem with close proximity to downtown Kansas City and nearby hyperscale campuses, enabling continued business growth in this thriving market.”

NOCIX is a service provider in North Kansas City, MO, that operates the 1530 Swift data center campus. The data center campus has 20MW of available power and is growing to 175,000 sq ft. NOCIX specializes in reliable colocation services for global businesses’ mission-critical hosting needs. Its 1530 Swift campus is one of North America’s largest local peering ecosystems.

“Arelion’s network expansion strengthens Kansas City’s tech ecosystem by providing businesses with diverse Tier-1 services that enhance connectivity options into downtown Kansas City,” said Aaron Wendel, NOCIX Managing Member. “Our facility’s additional space and power will help Arelion provide its customers with high-capacity services that unlock continued business success and technological innovation.”

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