Aspen Creek Digital Corporation open solar powered Cryptomining center

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Aspen Creek Digital Corporation has announced that its first cryptomining center, a six MW High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) co-located behind-the-meter with a ten MW solar farm, has commenced operations in west Colorado. The project is home to ACDC’s self-mining operations.

ACDC has also added Galaxy Digital’s mining business as a bitcoin mining hosting client. For ACDC, the launch of the Colorado facility marks a first step toward standing up more than three GWs of wind, solar and battery generation by early 2025 across the U.S.

Launched in 2022, ACDC’s mission is to catalyse the decarbonisation of power generation by creating the world’s leading fleet of renewably powered HPCCs. These HPCCs will initially focus on bitcoin mining. Eventually, ACDC will pursue offering sustainable massive computing as a service in the form of low-cost, long-term power purchase agreements with in-house renewable power development partners paired with an innovative business model for designing, co-locating and operating HPCCs ‘behind-the-meter’.

ACDC operates the Colorado data center for self-mining with wholly owned S19 generation miners. Co-located with this project is a 75,000 square foot R&D and fulfillment facility which will serve as a centralized testing, maintenance, storage, and training hub for ACDC’s future HPCC infrastructure.

In addition to the operational site, ACDC’s current under development bitcoin mining sites are located across Texas. ACDC’s second facility, which is on track to be operational this summer, is a 30 MW data center capable of hosting 10,000 ASIC miners co-located behind-the-meter with an 87 MW solar farm. ACDC’s third project is a 150 MW data center co-located behind-the-meter with a 200 MW solar farm.

These projects represent significant additional generation resources for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), as well as valuable controllable load resources that expand the reach of renewables by stabilizing the grid. ACDC has procured all the necessary long lead-time equipment, including transformers and switching equipment. Permitting and interconnections for both projects are on track for project launch.

“Recent market volatility has demonstrated the importance of our core strategy: controlling power as the principal input in bitcoin mining. ACDC was founded with a simple premise in mind, which is to create a sustainable source of renewable energy to power our operations and put renewables back on the grid. This design enables ACDC to withstand volatility in the bitcoin market and insulate our operations from power market fluctuations. The success of our first project is proof of our concept to substantially lower the cost of energy, the single largest input for bitcoin mining, and to do it sustainably,” said Alexandra DaCosta, CEO of Aspen Creek Digital Corporation. 

“Our talented team and partners, who bring financial integrity and proven renewable energy expertise, will dramatically improve the sustainability of the industry while building strong partnerships with local communities, delivering carbon transparency, and enhancing grid resiliency.”

Amanda Fabiano, Head of Mining at Galaxy Digital, added: “We are thrilled to utilise a portion of Aspen Creek Digital’s sustainable facility to expand Galaxy’s prop mining operation. We remain committed to working with ecosystem players that have a strong operational background to help us reach our mining goals.” 

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