Ault Alliance’s subsidiary, Sentinum, set to launch New Montana data centre

Ault Alliance’s wholly owned subsidiary, Sentinum plans to begin operations at its new Montana data centre in January 2024. The opening of this new data centre will expedite the company’s plans to improve its profitability and efficiency by transitioning some of its miners from a third party hosted Bitcoin mining operation to its own facility in Montana.

The Company anticipates the initial transition of its mining hardware will begin in January, with a focus on optimising operational costs and improving cash flow. The new Montana data centre consists of two sites and once operational shall have a combined initial capacity of 20 megawatts. The Montana data centre will begin operations in a two-pronged approach by bringing one 10 MW site online in January, followed by the second 10 MW site shortly thereafter.

Sentinum believes that the capacity of the two Montana sites can be significantly expanded and has contracted with the local utility to begin an electrical load study in order to better understand the opportunities for power upgrades at its Montana sites. Pending the results of the study, Sentinum would also require additional financial resources in order to increase the capacity.

Will Horne, Chief Executive Officer of Ault Alliance, emphasised the strategic importance of this expansion, stating, “The launch of our Montana data centre is a pivotal step in our roadmap. It aligns with our objective to transition our miners from hosted locations to our bespoke data centres. This shift is expected to yield reductions in our per kilowatt-hour costs, thereby bolstering our profitability and cash flow. This is more than just an expansion; it’s a testament to our commitment to be a leading company in the digital asset industry. Our Montana data centre is set to become a cornerstone of our mining operations and is expected to drive efficiency and contribute towards profitability in 2024.”

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