Aurum Equity Partners and Al Nowais Group to invest in next-gen data centres in Saudi Arabia

Aurum Equity Partners, a prominent US Private Equity Firm, and Al Nowais Group (represented by its subsidiary Emirates United Economy which is based in Saudi Arabia) have officially entered into an MoU to jointly invest in an advanced 50MW next-generation data centre in Saudi Arabia, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and security.

This groundbreaking partnership emphasises their commitment to tech advancement and sustainability. The vision for this data centre includes advanced technologies like Edge Computing for real-time data processing, Software-Defined Infrastructure for agility, and AI & Machine Learning to optimise operations.

Embracing an ESG First approach, the integration of Green Technologies, such as energy-efficient cooling systems and renewable energy, will reduce carbon footprints and operational costs, benefiting the environment.

In an era of heightened cybersecurity concerns, the data centre will implement top-tier security measures including Quantum Security, advanced firewalls, and encryption technologies. Robust disaster recovery solutions will ensure data integrity and business continuity

Mr Venkat Bussa, Founder & CEO of Aurum Equity Partners, said, “We’re excited to collaborate with Al Nowais Group to develop a data centre driving digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, supporting sustainable growth and tech advancement.”

Mr. Abdulla Al Nowais, CEO and Chairman of Al Nowais Group expressed similar excitement, stating, “Saudi Arabia is on the brink of becoming a leading digital hub in the region, and we’re honoured to build a data centre with unmatched security, efficiency, and reliability to meet the growing demands of businesses.”

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