Avant Technologies to build first AI-focused data center in Milwaukee

Avant Technologies, an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in creating and developing innovative and advanced AI infrastructure solutions, has announced plans for the Company’s first Avant-branded micro data center, which will be specifically designed for private cloud companies in the booming AI and big data sectors. 

Avant’s initial data center is set to be built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Avant expects its state-of-the-art facility to be operational in the first half of 2025.

“We are encouraged that the growing early demand for our high-density compute infrastructure is coming from both the on-premises and colocation segments of the private cloud sector,” said Avant Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Lantz. “It has always been part of our strategy to leverage the power of our technology to eventually operate our own data centers. We believe that rapidly growing demand for new data center capacity, combined with the progress of our solution development over the past 6 months, supports our decision to move up the planned start date for this phase of Avant’s growth strategy.”

Avant strategically selected Milwaukee after carefully considering numerous key factors necessary for explosive growth and success, including a pool of top tech talent, a flourishing tech environment with booming investment, and unbeatable affordability. 

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