Avant Technologies to drive proactive, next-gen data center security

Avant Technologies, an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in creating and developing innovative and advanced AI infrastructure solutions, will be expanding its scope for planned enhancements to Avant! AI™ with the intent to deliver best in class security in conjunction with its high-performance data center infrastructure.  As one of the earliest companies to market with a functional generative AI, Avant’s announcment marks a significant advancement in data center information management, compliance, and cybersecurity.  

Avant! AI™ seamlessly integrates with industry-standard data science tools and algorithms, enabling organizations to harness the power of data for deeper insights and informed decision-making. Planned advancements in Avant’s proprietary gen AI will have the dual aim of providing early detection of potential security vulnerabilities and recommendations for proactive interventions to enhance cybersecurity baselines, mitigate risks and ensure compliance in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

“As a former CISO, I am extremely excited about adding AI-enhanced cybersecurity to our customer-facing toolkit,” said Danny Rittman, CISO at Avant Technologies. “Cybersecurity and compliance are more important than ever, and we are passionate about supporting our customers and partners to stay ahead of the curve – both now and in the future.”

On the cybersecurity front, Avant will serve as a vigilant guardian – supervising all cybersecurity aspects within the data center environment. From continuous monitoring and vulnerability assessment to proactive risk assessments and real-time response in case of cyber-attack incidents, Avant intends to empower its customers to achieve and maintain a robust cybersecurity posture and threat mitigation capabilities – going beyond standard cybersecurity to maintain data compliance, privacy compliance, and necessary standard compliances according to specific application types. By automating compliance management processes, organizations can achieve regulatory compliance while reducing administrative burden and mitigating compliance-related risks.

Avant CEO, Timothy Lantz, said, “The rapid advancements in AI are unlocking tremendous opportunities and potential across almost every facet of our lives, but those same advancements can also pose an increased threat when used by those with an intent to harm. In today’s digital world cybersecurity is of paramount importance and Avant is committed to providing our customers with the necessary tools to ensure the safety and security of their information and that of their end-users.”

Avant! AI™ represents a paradigm shift in data center management, offering organizations a strategic advantage in optimizing performance, enhancing cybersecurity, and ensuring compliance in their IT infrastructure.

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