Avant Technologies to further intelligent data center monitoring and management

Avant Technologies, an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in creating and developing innovative and advanced AI infrastructure solutions, plans to begin additional training on AvantAI(TM) to enhance its latest developments in high-performance data center infrastructure. As one of the earliest companies to bring a gen AI to market, Avant’s announcement marks a significant advancement in data center operations management.

We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking AI technology for intelligent data center management,” said Danny Rittman, CISO at Avant Technologies, Inc. “With our innovative solution, organizations can unlock new levels of performance and efficiency in their data center operations, driving business success in today’s digital era.

By leveraging AvantAI(TM) to enhance monitoring capabilities, organizations will be able to gain real-time insights into their data center infrastructure, thereby enabling proactive management of maintenance, uptime, and overall performance. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the AI system will be able to forecast potential problems before they happen and provide proactive solutions to avoid outages or malfunctions, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical systems. 

In addition to data monitoring and predictive analysis, AvantAI(TM) will help oversee and monitor all aspects of data traffic efficiency – offering enhanced capabilities to dynamically adjust resource allocation and routing, maximize performance and minimize latency, and achieve throughput and responsiveness in their data center environments.

Avant CEO Timothy Lantz commented, “By leveraging Avant’s legacy AI technology in combination with our newest innovations in high-density computing infrastructure, we are aspiring to create a true paradigm shift in data center management – offering our customers and partners an unparalleled advantage in performance and cost optimization.

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