Avant Technologies to implement AI-empowered, zero trust architecture in its data centers

Avant Technologies, an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in the development of advanced AI and data center infrastructure solutions, plans to implement a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) framework powered by AI within its data center operations. This strategic move is aimed at providing the highest level of security for its customers’ critical data.

“By integrating AI with Zero Trust Architecture, we are creating a robust and future-proof security framework for our data centers,” stated William Hisey, Chief Executive Officer at Avant. “This combined approach ensures the highest level of security for our customers’ data while optimizing data center operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Avant is committed to providing innovative technology to help businesses optimize data center operations, improve resource utilization, and enhance security.”

ZTA is a security model that eliminates the concept of inherent trust within a network. It assumes that all users, devices, and workloads – regardless of location – must be continuously verified before granting access to resources. Implementing AI-controlled ZTA allows Avant to achieve continuous authentication and authorization, enhanced threat detection and response, dynamic access controls, and adaptive security policies.

The Company’s ZTA implementation aligns seamlessly with Avant’s existing AI-powered data center management focus. Avant’s AI technology already provides predictive analytics and optimization, automated incident response, and enhanced cooling efficiency.

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