AWS partners empower U.S. firms in cloud migration wave

Enterprises in the U.S. are expanding their engagements with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its ecosystem partners for greater cloud efficiency and economies of scale, according to a new research report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

The 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ AWS Ecosystem Partners report for the U.S. finds that organisations are digitally transforming themselves to adapt to changing business and customer expectations and socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions, often using hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies. AWS, the leading hyperscaler among enterprises globally, is especially dominant in North America and continues to expand its reach in the region.

“Many U.S. enterprises are actively engaged in cloud migration and workload modernisation projects,” said Bernie Hoecker, ISG partner and Enterprise Cloud Transformation leader. “Rising cloud adoption has swelled the ranks of AWS service providers.”

With hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, organisations can implement cloud solutions for a wide range of industry use cases and technological capabilities, the report says. These approaches allow them to efficiently integrate applications on platforms from different cloud providers using solutions such as serverless computing.

With the help of service providers, enterprise IT departments are using both public and private cloud infrastructure with hybrid cloud approaches and are taking advantage of different hyperscalers’ strengths with multi-cloud architectures, ISG says. At the same time, a growing number of technically mature companies are pursuing poly-cloud strategies, which allow business units to choose cloud solutions from different providers to meet specialised needs.

The complexity of many cloud strategies has made cloud operations and management increasingly important to organisations of all sizes in the U.S. and other regions, the report says. As enterprises tap into the growing array of offerings from AWS, many lack the infrastructure and skills to run them. They are seeking partners to deploy, manage and operate their cloud infrastructure for scalability, flexibility and business outcomes.

AWS is an increasingly popular platform for SAP workloads, especially in the U.S., as enterprises adopt SAP S/4HANA, ISG says. The impending end of support for SAP Business Suite 7 and ERP 6.0 are accelerating this move. Partnerships can be essential in these initiatives.

“Migrating large, mission-critical workloads is complex and takes a great deal of skilled labour,” said Jan Erik Aase, partner and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research. “Enterprises and providers are working closely with both AWS and SAP to ensure smooth transitions.”

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