BE Networks and Edgecore Networks to bring intelligent automation to campus and data center networks

The partnership delivers a joint solution to customers seeking to revolutionize how new or existing Edgecore campus and data center networks can be managed, automated, and monitored.

Using IBN methodologies and streamlined automation, The BE Networks orchestration platform, named Verity, helps enterprise IT teams design, deploy, and manage networks with an intuitive graphical interface that enables operators to focus on the high-level tasks of delivering services to endpoints – the intent – eliminating the need to focus on the time-consuming, error-prone tasks of network service implementation.

Verity also acts as a Network Source of Truth (NSoT), enabling network operators to search, filter, and visualize the current and historical state and performance of every aspect of the network fabric. The deep observability provided greatly reduces event troubleshooting and remediation times, meaningfully increasing network uptime.

Through this partnership, Verity now supports a wide range of Edgecore Networks’ switch hardware and supported network operating system (NOS) software, empowering network teams to design and deploy networks that meet their specific needs. This includes network switching hardware running SONiC, EdgeCOS, and BE Networks BENOS network operating systems. Both BE Networks and Edgecore are contributing organizations to the SONiC Foundation.

Helping customers to rethink how campus networks can be intelligently managed, the joint product offering also prevents proprietary vendor lock-in while lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

“BE Networks Verity is a perfect solution for businesses that wish to manage their existing or new campus and data center networks using advanced orchestration and intent-based network methodologies,” said BE Networks CEO, Amir Elbaz. “We’re thrilled to be partnered with Edgecore Networks and fully support their line of enterprise-grade switch hardware. With the ability to choose from a range of network operating system software including SONiC, the partnership gives customers tremendous architectural flexibility with the added benefit of software-defined orchestration.”

“Edgecore is committed to providing open networking solutions for seamlessly managing data center and campus networks through our partner ecosystem,” said Nanda Ravindran, VP of Product Management at Edgecore Networks. “Our strategic partnership with BE Networks not only reinforces this commitment, but also provides businesses the latitude to harness the full potential of robust hardware platforms. The collaboration offers customers a compelling blend of innovation and adaptability, ushering in an era of software-defined orchestration and unprecedented architectural freedom.”

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