Biden and Microsoft announce data center investment in Wisconsin

Microsoft and US President Joe Biden have announced a joint venture to build a $3.3 billion data center in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, aimed at enhancing technological infrastructure. The project aims to support the advancement and utilization of advanced cloud services and AI applications for businesses in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

President Biden, alongside Microsoft President Brad Smith, disclosed the plan at Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin. The investment will include the development of cloud computing and AI infrastructure, the establishment of the nation’s first manufacturing-focused AI co-innovation lab, and a program to offer AI training to 100,000 state residents.

Brad Smith stressed Microsoft’s dedication to leveraging AI to drive the progress of manufacturing firms, skills, and job prospects, not only in Wisconsin but across the country.

President Biden emphasized the significance of honoring commitments, drawing a comparison between his administration’s approach and the unfulfilled pledges of his predecessor. Microsoft’s participation highlights its continual investments in AI and data center infrastructure, positioning itself competitively against industry contenders such as AWS and Google.

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