BitRiver to launch Russia’s largest AI data center?

BitRiver-B, a subsidiary of the BitRiver Group, is reportedly set to unveil Russia’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) data center in the latter half of 2024.

Boasting a projected capacity of 100 megawatts, the data center will prioritize high-performance, energy-intensive computations, encompassing activities such as Bitcoin mining, cloud services, and AI operations.

Sergey Bezdelov, the director of the Association of Industrial Mining, emphasized the significant potential for growth in energy-intensive computing within Russia, particularly fueled by the rising adoption of AI. Bezdelov anticipated that by 2035, the sector could necessitate several tens of gigawatts.

The U.S. Treasury Department acknowledged that companies like BitRiver contribute to Russia’s monetization of natural resources, capitalizing on its abundant energy reserves and frigid climate as a competitive advantage in crypto mining.

Despite facing sanctions, BitRiver remains steadfast in its commitment to complete the investment project in Russia, with a focus on meeting the nation’s escalating demand for high-performance computing.

Project BitRiver aims to employ approximately 120 specialists to bring the initiative to fruition. The company is keen on emphasizing the implementation of programs to foster the growth of young talent in the high-technology industry.

Once operational, the data center will specialize in high-performance, energy-intensive computing, encompassing mining, cloud services, and other advanced digital offerings.

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