Blockchain innovations for sustainability: IOTA and BC100+ lead the way

IOTA Foundation, in collaboration with its ecosystem partners, including the United Nations’ BC100+, presented innovative solutions during a recent workshop organised by the Global Business Blockchain Council and European Partners for the Environment. The workshop emphasised the role of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in advancing sustainability.

IOTA Foundation’s Mariana de la Roche, who is also a human rights lawyer, highlighted the significance of BC100+, an initiative in which she serves on the steering committee, and which includes the IOTA Foundation as a founding member. BC100+ acts as a vital link, connecting the blockchain ecosystem with the broader goals of UN agencies in support of the UN Charter values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During the workshop, three community projects powered by IOTA were showcased, each focusing on unique aspects of sustainability:

Demia: Formerly known as DigitalMRV, Demia has emerged as a spin-off from the IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK. Over the past five years, they have collaborated with organisations such as UNFCCC, Gold Standard, and Dell Technologies. Demia’s platform streamlines carbon markets, making audits and certifications more efficient, ultimately enhancing the value of carbon credits. Through collaboration within the IOTA ecosystem and participation in initiatives like BC100+, Demia accelerates efforts toward a more transparent, secure, and sustainable future.

KUPKrush: KUPKrush aims to revolutionise recycling economics by incorporating environmental and recycling costs into product prices. This approach ensures that the responsibility for these costs does not fall solely on communities and future generations. Using IOTA technology, KUPKrush rewards verified actions that contribute to recycling, all without the energy waste and transaction fees often associated with traditional blockchains. Their vision includes a world where transparent recycling information is freely accessible to all, eliminating the potential for “greenwashing.”

Zentrix: Zentrix, a Web3 development and consultancy hub, brings practical blockchain application experience to industrial sectors. Their CEO, Nenad Gilgoric, represented the DIG_it consortium at the workshop, an EU-funded Research and Innovation consortium focused on digitising the mining supply chain for sustainability. Blockchain, as applied by Zentrix, monitors mining processes and performance, promoting responsible production and consumption by ensuring the traceability and regulatory compliance of minerals. Being part of BC100+ amplifies their project’s impact, enabling the sharing of knowledge and best practises for a more sustainable mining industry.

The intersection of blockchain technology and sustainability is very transformative. Through the efforts of the IOTA Foundation and its collaborations within BC100+, the world is witnessing the emergence of innovative solutions to address critical environmental challenges.

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