Bulk Data Centres and HGC to facilitate APAC companies entering the european market

Bulk Data Centres, one of the Nordic’s leading providers of ultra-scalable, highly connected, and sustainable data centres has signed a partnership agreement with HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global coverage. By leveraging Bulk’s pan-Nordic platform and HGC’s network and services, this partnership paves the way for APAC businesses to enter and grow in the European market, whilst meeting their net zero commitments.

With strategic locations within the Nordics directly connected to multiple high-capacity diverse international cable systems, Bulk Data Centres facilities in Norway and Denmark deliver the same performance as those in any continental European city and at a much lower cost for the customer.

Through HGC’s global footprint and services under the EdgeX by HGC ecosystem, this partnership further strengthens the ties between APAC and European regions for internet, cloud and OTT community. It will also contribute to global sustainability goals through supporting the use of green energy to reduce carbon footprint across Bulk’s Data Centre campus.

“This partnership agreement is a significant milestone for Bulk Data Centres and HGC, which demonstrates our shared mission to move the global digital sector towards net zero emissions,” said Rob Elder, Chief Commercial Officer at Bulk Data Centres.

“HGC’s extensive network and infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas alongside its full-fledged telecom, data centre services and ICT solutions, complement the products and services of Bulk Data Centres, ensuring businesses can scale with a truly sustainable solution,” he said.

“HGC is proud to join the race to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience working with Bulk. This partnership aims to better serve APAC and international customers looking to enter the European Market through ultra-scalable and efficient data centre solutions with global connectivity.” said Marcello Brescia, Head of OTT and Edge Ecosystem at HGC.

“As a global telecom network operator, we want to focus on helping enterprise and OTT customers to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption when they need to deploy colocation. Bulk is at the forefront of sustainable digital infrastructure,” he added.

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