Caelus Digital’s Texas data centre reaches milestone

Caelus Digital, previously Cloud West, marks a significant landmark at its Haskell County, Texas, data centre and power development site, increasing its utility surety to $11 million, reinforcing its commitment to providing stable, abundant power resources to future tenants.

This newly increased surety with AEP guarantees up to 1,000 MW of power, enhancing the development’s already compelling suite of advantages.

Additional unique selling points include competitive power rates projected at 2.75 cents per kWh, rapid connectivity to the Dallas Internet Exchange (IX) within 3.0 milliseconds through diverse routes, and an abundant daily water supply exceeding 1.0 million gallons. Additionally, the site offers fee-simple ownership of over 350 defect-free acres, proximity to accessible renewable power sources, compliance with EPA standards, and favourable tax incentives within a Tax Qualified Opportunity Zone, eligible for New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC).

“With the $11 million surety in place, we are emphasising Caelus Digital’s unwavering commitment to establishing a highly reliable and industrial-scale infrastructure,” said Matt Musselman, CEO. “This significant financial commitment serves as a cornerstone for our project, complementing our range of industry-leading features.”

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