Cirion picks Ciena’s 800G Technology for Bogotá metro DCI deployment

Cirion Technologies, a leading provider of digital infrastructure and technology in Latin America, recently deployed Ciena’s Waveserver 5 platform to expand connectivity and increase resiliency between data centres in Bogotá, Colombia. Scaling up to 800Gb/s, this upgrade greatly increases Cirion’s network capacity and helps meet the growing needs of its local and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, and cloud service providers.

“At Cirion, our main goal is to lead Latin America’s digital transformation. With Ciena’s 800Gb/s technology at the core, we are able to give our customers the connectivity and high-bandwidth services they need to support the ever-changing demands of today’s digital economy,” said Alejandro Girardotti, Senior Director of Product, Innovation, and Strategic Alliances, Cirion Technologies.

Ciena’s optical technology also helps Cirion meet its sustainability goals by adding more bandwidth at a lower cost-per-bit, using the smallest footprint. By offering high-capacity, resilient DCI connectivity, Cirion can also improve its service reliability and overall end-user experience.

“As Latin America continues to adopt digitally transformative applications, such as augmented reality and Internet of Things, it is crucial to remain ahead of the end users need for faster connectivity. With Waveserver 5, Cirion is better positioned to lead Colombia in this technological evolution, while keeping in line with its sustainability goals,” said Fernando Capella, Regional Manager for CALA South, Ciena.

Cirion is also using Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller and Liquid Spectrum advanced software applications for rapid planning, provisioning, and assurance of network services across its optical infrastructure. With Ciena’s Channel Margin Gauge and Network Utilisation analytics, Cirion can monitor its network performance with real-time visibility into network resources and activity. This can help accelerate time-to-market during unpredictable service demands or during disaster recovery.

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