Cleanspark purchase data centre to mine bitcoin 100 per cent carbon-free

CleanSpark has announced that it has acquired an 87,000 square foot data centre in Norcross, Georgia, to substantially increase the company’s Bitcoin mining operation.

The $6.55 million purchase will provide 20 MW of additional power to the company’s mining business with the opportunity for significant expansion. The company expects to complete the installation of the mining infrastructure and have the miners running by late 2021.

The new facility’s mining operations are expected to operate at 100 per cent net carbon-neutral, achieved through its participation in Georgia’s Simple Solar program. The program allows the company to offset any carbon-based energy included in the regional energy mix with solar power. The company also anticipates adding onsite renewables, including rooftop and ground-mount solar and other microgrid energy solutions.

 “Our focus on ESG has been at the forefront of all our efforts and we expect to lead sustainable practices in the industry,” Zach Bradford, President and CEO at CleanSpark, said. “CleanSpark now directly owns and operates facilities that will bring a combined 70MW of 95 per cent-plus carbon-free energy capacity, with the ability to further expand.”

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