Colohouse strengthens portfolio, acquires Hivelocity

Colohouse, a portfolio company of Valterra Partners and a leading player in the colocation, cloud, hosting, and network services sector, has announced the successful acquisition of Hivelocity, the leading provider of bare metal hosting. This strategic move combines the portfolio of two well-established providers with a focus on cloud and bare metal services to meet growing market demand.

“Our acquisition of Hivelocity is a strategic move to enhance our capabilities and reinforce our commitment to delivering top-tier IT infrastructure services,” said Jeremy Pease, CEO at Colohouse. “Together, Colohouse and Hivelocity create a unique, next-generation provider that places the customer’s needs and success at the forefront, providing them with the connectivity and computing power required to deploy and manage modern applications and data.”

“Our mission at Hivelocity is to create a company with a singular focus on simplifying hosting with an exceptional customer experience. We have continuously excelled at our mission, grown our customer base and kept up with their demands, which led us from a single rack of servers to operating 40+ world-class data centers on 6 continents,” says Mike Architetto, CEO of Hivelocity. “Combined with Colohouse, Hivelocity can accelerate its capabilities and continue its legacy of simplifying IT for its customers.” 

As businesses increasingly rely on advanced IT infrastructure to drive growth, the acquisition of Hivelocity by Colohouse sets the stage for the most comprehensive and mature suite of hosted infrastructure paired with expertise, resources, and innovation capabilities. In addition to integrating existing services, the combined entities will launch a new private cloud offering in early Q3 of 2024 which is specifically designed for enterprise virtualization environments to optimize for workloads with complex applications, architectures, scalability, and security requirements.

Kevin Reed, Managing Director of Valterra Partners, added, “The combination of Colohouse and Hivelocity is the result of a multiyear strategy to acquire and develop a differentiated data center and hybrid cloud provider that provides a platform of significant scale within a high growth market. The combined business provides a talented executive team, completes strategic offerings and expands capacities across a substantial geographic footprint that will support substantial growth.”

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