Compass Datacenters implements new initiative to improve air quality

Surface and air purification company, ActivePure, has announced a partnership with Compass Datacenters to implement advanced air purification measures at their job sites and select facilities.

Devices powered by ActivePure Technology are to be installed in common indoor facilities, Compass corporate offices, construction sites, and office areas in company-maintained facilities. Compass will also make ActivePure Technology available for customers to use in their commissioned data centre facilities to reduce airborne and surface pathogens in their operations and maintenance spaces.  

With origins in the space exploration program, ActivePure asserts that it has successfully adapted naturally occurring outdoors processes for indoor environments. ActivePure Technology is said to mimic the organic process of photolysis – in this process, the air is cleansed when sunlight interacts with moisture and creates oxidative molecules. ActivePure brings this atmospheric cleansing phenomenon indoors, allowing the oxidising particles to neutralise viruses, mold, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces without chemicals, ozone, or the need to trap and filter contaminants.  

“Everyone who has worked in construction knows that aside from terrible weather, nothing has a more negative scheduling impact than communicable airborne illnesses among construction crews. With ActivePure Technology, we can now proactively protect our teams to ensure we honor the commitments we make to our customers,” said Nancy Novak, chief innovation officer at Compass Datacenters. “It helps make our worksites far healthier, which has a huge impact on delivering facilities on time and budget. This technology also helps protect our employees who work in office environments, allowing everyone to feel safer working and collaborating in person. ActivePure has become a vital part of Compass’ comprehensive approach to health and safety across our organisation.” 

Since the inception of the initiative, Compass Datacenters, has successfully installed units powered by ActivePure Technology in construction sites and data centres throughout their US and Canadian properties.

“This collaboration with Compass has been a very successful one, and it demonstrates how important indoor air quality is for the data centre and construction industries,” said Jim Levin, founder of Workplace Elemental Technologies. “Construction sites, corporate offices, and operational data centres are all environments where many people are working in close proximity. By using ActivePure, Compass is providing a critical layer of protection in their data centre construction and operations environments. This is a model for how the data centre industry can provide peace of mind and greater productivity in the workplace.” 

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