Conrad Energy to deploy Bloom Energy fuel cell technology at Teledata Manchester.

Large data centers users are increasingly looking for innovative energy solutions to help to ensure a cheaper, cleaner, uninterrupted energy supply. Teledata a leading regional colocation provider in the UK and Conrad Energy, one of the UK’s largest resilient power producers and complete energy solutions providers, have agreed to install an initial 1.2 megawatts of solid oxide fuel cells from Bloom Energy at Teledata’s 1500m2 data centre in Manchester. Conrad Energy will fully fund the installation of the efficient and hydrogen ready Energy Servers from Bloom, enabling Teledata to increase the resilience of the data center and future proof their power supply.

Teledata chose to work with Conrad Energy on this project because of their flexible approach to financing new technologies and experience of applying innovative energy solutions on their own and customer sites.

“It is becoming incredibly important for data centers to take control of their energy supply, both for technical and commercial certainty and for sustainability reasons. This solution not only reduces our carbon emissions through a cleaner, hydrogen ready fuel supply, but it also gives us a second power feed into the facility from a completely different fuel source – a European data center industry first,” says Matt Edgley, Director, Teledata. “This level of resilience running in parallel with the existing mains supply will give our clients even more certainty when hosting business-critical equipment at our data centers.”

According to Mark Kelly, Conrad Energy’s Head of Power Solutions. “Forward-thinking companies like Teledata recognise the need to future-proof their energy supply whilst taking control of their energy costs. On-site generation from fuel cells is a viable solution that is available today. The fuel cells will operate under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which brings real added value, helping Teledata on their path to net-zero carbon emissions.”

“We are delighted Teledata has selected Bloom’s energy platform as their technology of choice to bring clean and resilient power to the UK,” said Tim Schweikert, Senior Managing Director of International Business Development at Bloom Energy. “Teledata is a progressive leader in the data center industry, and we look forward to supporting their mission-critical infrastructure with clean, always-on power while facilitating a transition to a net-zero future.”

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