CoolIT Systems and Switch Datacenters to advance energy-efficient data centres

The new partnership combines advanced cooling technologies with innovative data centre designs to optimise operational efficiency through heat reuse and redefine performance standards in data centres.

Switch Datacenters’ latest 45MW AMS6 data centre features an HPC/AI-ready design that uses data centre heat to warm adjacent greenhouses. Currently under development, their AMS5s is designed to make a significant contribution to the Amsterdam municipal heat grid with green, CO2-neutral heat. For both data centres, there’s a marked preference for liquid cooling because it allows heat extraction at temperatures higher than traditional air cooling, offering enhanced economic value.

“CoolIT’s DLC and RDHx technologies have been instrumental in various data centre heat reuse projects for years, with customers reporting at minimum a savings of 10% on energy bills (OPEX), more than 50% on CAPEX spends, and examples of PUE lowered from 1.30 to 1.02,” expressed Peggy Burroughs, Director of CoolIT Next. “Our collaborations with most major server OEMs have cultivated an expansive ecosystem for clients aspiring to achieve both business and ESG goals.”

“CoolIT is the right company to help make our vision a reality at an industrial scale. Both CoolIT and Switch Datacenters have shared the same passion for sustainable innovation for years and truly want to elevate the industry’s adoption of liquid cooling. We believe liquid cooling will be the game-changer in the next wave of sustainable data centre designs, and CoolIT is one of the very few companies that can lead this upcoming demand, thanks to their long history of innovation, reliability, breadth of portfolio, and capabilities to scale with their numerous IT partners worldwide,” says Gregor Snip, CEO of Switch Datacenters.

Switch Datacenters is leading the charge in embracing sustainable alternatives for heating by reusing data centre-generated heat. With their latest project, Switch Datacenters AMS6, they will revolutionise the way nearby greenhouses are heated by providing high-temperature heat from their data centre. By harnessing the power of IT servers to generate green heat for large-scale crop cultivation, Switch Datacenters is driving the transition away from fossil fuels. They strongly advocate for the integration of heat-recapture-enabled data centres in areas with high demand for heat, making it a standard design principle.

With the combined expertise of CoolIT and Switch Datacenters, customers can now harness technologically advanced solutions that not only result in considerable energy and water savings but also contribute significantly to the global drive for reduced environmental impact.

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