Core European data centres agree to make carbon-neutral facilities by 2030

Core European data centre businesses have agreed to make their facilities carbon-neutral through 100 per cent of renewable energy sources by 2030. This includes businesses such as global switch, NTT Global Data Centers, QTS Realty Trust, DATA4, Colt DCS, Digital Realty, CoreSite, CyrusOne and Equinix.

Nearly 75 per cent of the energy supplied to data centres will be renewable or carbon-free by the end of 2025, and in the second stage, it will be a hundred per cent renewable energy source. The European data centre market consists of IT, mechanical and electrical infrastructure providers. Companies like ABB, Eaton and Schneider are major infrastructure companies. 

The surge in data and storage used during the pandemic, with users’ online traffic increasing, has created a massive demand for data centres. Businesses are realising that they do not just need more data centres but more sustainable data centres. 

Western European data centres typically use free cooling systems, including evaporative cooling, adiabatic cooling and free cooling systems. This region has the most active market for data centre construction. With the introduction of cloud storage systems, the data centre industry is putting pressure to increase the capacity of data centres, not only the storage capacity, but also the required space, cooling system, data protection of clients, and regular maintenance of rapid response.

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